January 6th, 2021

This Wednesday, following a heated D.C rally, a mob of Trump supporters stormed the United States Capitol. For the first time in United States history since the Civil War, the people of the United States stooped to an extreme degree of sedition and disruption of the congressional process, by organizing to resist the results of the democratic election that appointed Joe Biden as President Elect.

Photo: Leah Millis/Reuters

The assault on the Capitol lasted for around 3-4 hours and personal items from politicians were stolen and destroyed. The mob was met with surprisingly little police or military response and around 60 people were arrested in connection with the event.

As we reflect on the events of Wednesday, we’d like to offer some resources to peruse and consider. There are undoubtedly countless ways to respond and interpret an unprecedented event like this, and we implore you to draw your own takeaways and conclusions based on the evidence you see.

Take care of yourselves. These are, as we all have heard said too much these days, unprecedented times.

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