Global Issue Spotlight: Water Conservation in Society

Water, the staple source of life as we know it, is plentiful in almost all parts of the world. Yet it’s no secret that despite the size of the world’s oceans, drinkable water is running out on our planet. In fact, one prediction from The World Counts says that at this rate, freshwater from lakes and rivers will run out by as soon as 2040. This is sooner than most other sources would predict, yet it drives the point home.

So, what can we do?

Technologies are being developed around the world that may present a solution to the issue – from more efficient ways to purify seawater, to drilling deeper and accessing larger sources of water underground. Yet one thing people should be focusing more on is how to distribute the water to areas without fresh water, such as more rural regions of Africa. If water runs dry, those areas will be even more desolate, and we would face serious issues with providing water to those people.

Therefore, whatever solutions around the world, whoever comes up with them, must consider the problems with distribution of water and adjust their solution to address them. For example, if seawater can be purified, that might leave those not living on the coast hanging out to dry(literally!). If water is drilled from deep underground, we have to consider which countries have the money to fund these drills, and where to drill. We must consider these issues when considering the problem as a whole, and understand that if water becomes scarce, current issues with double down in intensity, and that its out responsibility to take care of that by looking for solutions to issues from multiple perspectives.

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