The Story Of YGA

As the world continues its struggle amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, I have, like many teens around me, found it difficult to find meaning for myself. After an uneventful virtual spring term, my summer plans fell apart, and it became increasingly easy to lose my motivation in the months of isolation that followed. I fell into a procrastinative cycle, hanging around day after day, lacking any concrete goals to work towards and nothing to look forward to but more social distancing. The days blended together as my sleep schedule fell apart, the concept of time itself becoming diluted and meaningless in the face of my empty calendar. 

As this apathetic cycle continued, I realized that I simply couldn’t stay passive any longer, so along with some of my friends, I began brainstorming–How could we do something that would make a meaningful difference, when we can barely even go outside? We realized that in this unprecedented, tumultuous time, our generation of youth is more misinformed than ever–The voices of our future are being drowned out by the cacophony of misinformation and bias in the media and by our politicians, who capitalize on crisis to further their own agendas. We decided that our generation of youth needs a unified voice to ensure that we are informed and prepared to become the future leaders of a rapidly changing, conflicted world – thus, we ultimately founded Youth Global Action.

Through posting articles and hosting events on our website, we hope to educate, encourage, and support more and more students to rise up and take action to help combat the numerous issues flaring up all over the world, from the gradually widening distance between countries to the ongoing fight for social justice. We look to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as a framework for our action, as the long-term problems that only our generation can combat. 

True change can only be brought through collective, yet individual, action–and so all of us here at YGA are here to help inspire your action.We hope that everyone can win the fight against the cycle that nearly consumed me and many others, and truly shine as a beam of hope in these incredibly trying times. 

–Jerry Zhou

Founder, YGA

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